LG 27GP850-B Ultragear gaming monitor – a 2k king for its price – simplified review

The LG 27GP850-B Ultragear gaming monitor is a fresh product released in early 2021. After weeks of reading, comparing and learning basics of monitor specs, I got this one for my own needs for both gaming and work. Below I’ll try to explain why – in simple words but with all the required tech details mentioned and explained. If you want some truly technically deep reviews – give rtings a try.

LG 27GP850-B core specs and price:
  • Size & Matrix
  • Response Time
  • Refresh Rate
  • Color Gamut

Monitor screen size 27 inch (~68.5 cm) with native 2k 2560x1440 resolution.
Matrix type is IPS, which means best colors and view angles, but lower contrast compared to other matrix types. This has own "if" though, read below.

LG 27GP850-B gaming monitor has it at 1ms - a top-notch value for any kind of gaming, from RPGs to racers and shooters. Great for any type of work as well.

165Hz with an ability to overclock to 180Hz.
Note that as with any overclocking, this can reduce the monitor's lifespan and sometimes cause so called "coil whine" (annoying noise due to extensive load).
165Hz refresh rate in ensured when monitor works through DisplayPort cable. HDMI cable gives 144Hz max. Both cables are included in the package. Though, both connection and power cables are somewhat short (~1.3m/4.25ft) - I got myself a longer DP cable.

DCI-P3 10 bit 98% Color Gamut with entry-level HDR.
In simple words this means: freaking incredible color rendering. More about that further in the article.

Details in simple words, instead of boring numbers:

Size & resolution: it’s a moderately large monitor when it comes to gaming. It has a native 2k (1440p) resolution which is a great balance nowadays. 1080p still has a majority on the market, but the ratio is slowly shifting towards the 1440p monitors – so you’re buying a monitor which will be a standard in couple of years. At the same time, 4k monitor is an absolute overkill in terms of games performance, until you have a GPU like 3090. But even with 3090, most of AAA games won’t play even at stable 60 FPS at 4k resolution – not to mention 144 or 165. This is how it looks in size compared to my old 24 inches 1080p monitor.
Response time: the shorter, the better. Today, 4ms is considered an average value, 1ms – a great one, which this LG 27GP850-B has.
Refresh rate: the higher, the better. To an extent though. Smoother gameplay, no flickering. Most noticeable in a fast paced games, like shooters, racers or action RPGs – but it’s important in any modern game no matter of the genre. While it’s hard to imagine the difference while you’re still on a 60Hz monitor, literally a few minutes in the gameplay even at 90Hz – and you will notice it yourself. LG 27GP850-B offers an shining 165Hz out of the box. There are similar monitors with a higher refresh rate – but, a bit later about that.
Color gamut: 10 bit 98%. 10 bit means 10 bits per pixel to represent a color – which is higher than a regular 8 bits. The 98% mark means truly incredible colors which not even most of pricy IPs monitors can achieve.
Price: you can definitely but a good monitor for $200 and it will serve you well. Yet it will be nowhere close to this one, and you will see and feel the difference between them instantly. LG 27GP850-B $400 price is also still far from prices of “top” class monitors, while it offers a huge pack of features for it. Inb4: no, this article is not sponsored by LG.

So why this monitor over the others? Market has lots of great brands and models!

That’s a great question here. Everything started that I realised I have a constant tiredness in my eyes from working even 3-4 hours a day at my 10 years old monitor. As I’m by no means a hardware expert myself, I simply analyzed the market, read about what all kind of base specs mean, how matrix type differ and why, looked through countless reviews – until a more or less basic, but solid understanding formed in my head. What I learned:
First of all. If you’re not quite sure and that’s your first serious purchase – go with a brand you can’t go wrong with. And this means brands which specialise on monitors for a quite some time. Those are few: BenQ, LG and Samsung. There’s also a one more, somewhat hidden gem I will talk about in further articles.
Secondly and simply put, LG 27GP850-B ultragear gaming monitor provides a top-notch value for most of important specs combined. Similar monitors from popular and trusted brands can have one or few specs on the same level, but at least one of those will be still lower. This, in turn, basically means that in average, for it’s price, LG 27GP850-B offers a product with qualities of monitors of a higher price segment. Let’s see..

Some quick comparisons:

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710Q – a great gaming monitor from a trusted brand which specializes on monitors, BenQ. At the same time, it costs $100 more, has a bit (but still) lower colors gamut. It also has an objectively worse ergonomics (more “thicc” frame and almost no ways to change the monitor’s XYZ position).
Samsung Odyssey G7 – another sexy beast, now from Samsung. Most of specs are the same, and in some things this one is technically stronger. It has an absolutely crazy maximum 240Hz refresh rate and a bit higher maximum brightness. It’s also a VA matrix type instead of IPS, which means both minor pros and cons – better contrast (aka the better black), but smaller view angles. Now ask yourself – what kind of PC will actually be able to maintain those tasty 240 FPS in most of AAA games? Aha. But ofc, this is top-notch option for shooters. Yet, it will cost you $200-300 more – for almost (practically) same specs.
GIGABYTE M27Q – a well-made and a bit cheaper ($350) gaming monitor. At the same time, refresh rate is lower (144Hz by default and 170Hz if overclocked). Maximum brightness and contrast are lower. Lastly, color gamut is much worse (92% compared to 98%).
ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q – lower color gamut (95% compared to 98%). Lower refresh rate (144Hz by default and 170Hz if overclocked).
MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD – specs are mostly the same. This MSI monitor has, imo, a better ergonomics. On the other hand, it has a bit worse color gamut and brightness. There’s also a noticeable “backlight bleed” – a “white spots” on the back or almost black screen which is visible even in the daytime and wight good room lighting. There is also a rather unpleasant amount of buyers who reported dead pixels. Price is $50 higher.

Any other pros?

Some monitors have the inbuilt speaker, some don’t. LG 27GP850-B does. Ofc, don’t expect them to sound like a good sound system – but if you don’t yet have enough money to buy one, that’s a nice bonus. Speaker is pretty decent for its type.
Two extra USB ports is a nice ergonomics addition too – there’s never too many of those.

Official software looks stylish. It’s simple yet has enough options for basic configuration and several useful presets. You can also do the same using the monitor panel button. Many (even pricy) monitors have just straight up terrible factory settings when it comes to colors. Here, simply choosing a preset was enough to find a perfect option for me. Actual calibration was not even needed.
IPS glow is often considered a defect by people which don’t read about what they are buying first. It’s an inevitable attribute of all IPS monitors – and LG 27GP850-B has it too.
IPS glow is visually similar to a backlight bleed mentioned above – visually, it’s a few light spots on the image if (and only if) it’s fully or almost fully dark. Yet, it’s really noticeable only during nighttime and if you don’t have any good lighting in the room. In most of cases, it’s barely noticeable and you’ll completely forget about it in couple of days. For me, it took like 3 days at max. Plus, in this monitor, IPS glow is really subtle even for IPS standards.
You can also adjust the monitor’s height and tilt – but can’t rotate it horizontally. You can rotate it vertically and use it in a 
portrait mode though.

And two more pluses:

Color gamut. Once again, it’s absolutely incredible here. On the extent you can also use this monitor for a serious work which involves photos editing, video editing or montage.
This combined with a great view angle which IPS monitor provides, also means you can easily use LG 27GP850-B to watch movies, anime etc, in great quality, while resting on the sofa several feet away from the monitor. Alone of with friends, and even if you will sit not in the straight line in front of the monitor – the image will be still great.

What about cons? This can't be that good, right?

There’s no perfect product as there are no perfect people.
First of all, there’s a mentioned IPS glow – but once again, it’s a trait of absolutely all monitor with IPS matrix. TN and VA matrix types have own flaws – no matrix is perfect. IPS glow in LG 27GP850-B is really low and it doesn’t bother your humble who has an OCD.
Lower contrast value compared to VA and some other IPS monitors. Low contrast means the black parts of the image will look rather dark grey then fully black. ?Yet, this is also really noticeable in darkness. Playing in darkness in not quite healthy for your eyes to begin with, so you will have some light anyway even at night, right? It also depends on the game – for instance, you most likely will never notice this in shooters, racers, most of RPGs and MMOs, until this will somehow annoy you specifically and personally. The only case when I’d not recommend this (and any) IPS monitor is if you’re mostly playing only horror games.
You can’t rotate the monitor on its stand. But to me personally it’s not even an issue as you can just…yes, rotate the stand if needed.
Lastly, the stand “foot” is quite large – larger than in most of the other similar monitors. It’s 29cm (approx 11.4 inches) long, compared to my old monitor, where it’s 22cm (8.65 inches). Look on the image above (clickable for full size). Take this into account if you have not a large desk.

What about refresh rate? There are monitors in same segment with a higher one!

That’s true. There are Dell Alienware AW2521HMSI Oculux NXG253RAsus TUF VG258QM and already mentioned SAMSUNG Odyssey G7. All of them are great models. Odyssey G7 is 1440p with 240Hz refresh rate, and others are 1080p monitors which can give you from 280Hz up to absolutely crazy 360Hz.
Though, this is a situational matter which depends on the games you want to play and their requirements. If you want to play AAA projects, like modern RPGs, strategies, visual novels, various action and open world games in general – 300FPS and higher won’t be possible to achieve even with the most of monster rigs. And most importantly, such a high refresh rate matters mostly in games like CS:GO, Overwatch, Apex Legends etc. And mostly only if you’re aiming for a professional competitive level of playing. That’s so? Then definitely take a look on these or some other monitor of your choice which offer higher refresh rate. But if you not gonna play only and exclusively shooters or some other competitive games which have low hardware requirements – 165Hz is more than enough.


LG 27GP850-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor is an incredible monitor with a monster specs for a price much lower than other popular brands asks for monitors of similar class.
With 27 inch size, 1440p resolution, 1ms reaction and 165 (up to 180 OC) refresh rate and IPS matrix with crazily good color gamut, it will bring you to the next level of joy in almost any videogame.
At the same time, due to once again top-notch color gamut and qualitative IPS matrix, it’s also a good option for watching movies and editing photos and videos. This makes LG 27GP850-B a great multitask monitor on top.
It has the standard flaws of all IPS monitors – IPS glow and low contrast level. Yet, first is really subtle and second is absolutely bearable and barely noticeable during a day or with a good lighting in your room.
Monitor has both good and bad sides in ergonomics. Two extra USB slots on the back is great, but a too large stand foot makes it to take more space than in possibly could.
All in all, LG 27GP850-B is worth of every cent. It’s a high-quality product which has specs many of more expensive monitors don’t. For its price of $400, it’s definitely one of the best choices for the gaming monitor today. You can look closer on all its specs (and find a retailer to buy from) here. It’s also available to buy for a good price at Amazon now.
Wanna see more tech reviews? Look here. Thanks for reading – and have a great whatever time of day!